ComZone is a fan-made follow-up of SGDZ with the purpose of keeping its retro spirit alive. We were already developing content (like maps and such...) for SGDZ that got approved and made it into the original game. Since SGDZ got shut down for good, we decided to give it's fanbase a new home and maybe even gather some new fans

This a test ground and we are not a game-studio. There will be problems, bugs, glitches and other issues. Our main goal is to improve the content until it is fun enough to play, not to win some awards. We are looking forward to getting as much feedback as possible from every player/tester, as this is the only way to make improvements here.

All the staff members of ComZone are volunteers trying to give you a good time. Nobody here works at a gamestudio and there is no connection between ComZone and SGDZ, so any money you spent there or achievement you made will not be transfered.

The content you see in ComZone is created by ComZone staff members and very few people from the SGDZ community, mainly based on the assets from GM KIT. The whole project is non-commercial/non-profit so we solely depend on donations to pay the server bills and any other costs that piles up.